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Ventilation Hygiene
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Advanced Disinfection & Fogging (touchless) services to protect your environment, your staff and your customers from Covid-19

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Raise your standards and make sure your business and premises are protected and covered.

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M & E Contractors

Hospitals & Schools

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compliant, insured & perfectly clean


At Perfect Service Solutions we provide ventilation hygiene and deep cleaning solutions for the food and facilities management industry.

We do so throughout the UK and Northern Ireland and we are industry leaders.

Why? Because we don’t just clean, we offer a technical cleaning service. Our teams training and qualifications mean we comprehensively report and advise on the compliance and effectiveness of ductwork systems.

Our specialist disinfection and fogging teams are ready to help you protect your premsies, your staff and your customers

Our team are trained to clean, maintain and test your Fire Dampers to keep you and your business compliant


Reputable Duct Cleaning Companies
Reputable Duct Cleaning Companies
Reputable Duct Cleaning Companies
Reputable Duct Cleaning Companies

Advanced Reporting via

Capture data straight from site

Speed up the Reporting Process

Increased accuracy

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Get perfectly clean & compliant with our certified engineers.

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4. Aftercare

Let our Aftercare programme keep you clean & compliant even after our clean!

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